Victoria B. Wikler

Shamanic Facilitator & Spiritual Advisor:

Specializing in trauma, psycho-spiritual health, spiritual justice & integration.


I am a facilitator who helps you unpack your lived experience in order to integrate your bigger spiritual narrative. My blood carries Thai mysticism, which is rooted in voodoo, tattooing, socio-spiritual resilience, womanhood and prayer. My privilege carries a level of mobility that has helped me access a lived experience that has used its privilege to free the oppression of my blood (and ninja through the fuckery.)  These are qualities that, even when teaching something like spiritual activism, inevitably empower both me and my work.

I share what is most personal first because my personal is professional, and I professionally listen to the narratives of others. Those who work with me will at some point need to unpack their own points of oppression, privilege, liberation, and challenges in order to serve their deeper self.

I’m trained in Celtic shamanism, certified in Transpersonal Breathwork, and family/ancestral constellations.  I am a certified birth doula, spiritual educator, and Witch. I teach emotional liberation techniques for POC activists, safety & consent training for healers, support groups for victims of spiritual abuse & spiritual crisis, and I facilitate various forms of breathwork.

Currently Philadelphia based, with options for online & phone support.



 Instagram: @victoriabwikler

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