Lior Allay

Radical Feminist Artist, Reiki Healer, Yoga Teacher, Light Worker, Educator + Organizer

Specializing in support for trauma survivors as well as queer, gender non-conforming, disabled, trans, + fluid people in finding their voice + loving their bodies beyond the binary.

Lior Allay is a genderfluid artist, activist, survivor + single mother based in Philadelphia living with Ehlers Danos Syndrome.

She has dedicated her life to creating immersive poetry with purpose that explores the healing process + argues for the de-militarization of the naked human body. She travels the world to organize community connection events, immersive art installations, while teaching workshops, and seeing private clients. Lior combines many different healing modalities to approach dis-ease and trauma integration from a holistic perspective. Operating from both sides of the lens as model, photographer, + director Lior considers herself a mixed-media poet. Her concepts investigate the intersection of identity, sexuality, vulnerability, + gender in our world. Her technique is defined by the poignant juxtaposition of visceral body language + everyday surrealism that encourage the viewer to ask difficult and necessary questions about the socio-cultural issues we face today.

Check her website for travel info! Far away? Distance sessions are available, inquire for details.




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