Introducing – Tourma Selene

Chakrubs is pleased to introduce Tourma Selene—erotic alchemist, sexuality/relationship educator, and adult performer to our team. At Chakrubs we support a woman’s right to choose what she does with her body. ✨On Tourma’s page you will find videos for guided erotic meditations and links to her work with other adult industry icons, historical information on sex magik, resources for enhancing your personal relationships with your own body and the relationships in your lives, along with links on how to work with her as your own personal erotic coach. ✨ Tourma is also working with our CEO Vanessa Cuccia on expanding the Chakrubs brand by building erotic alchemy workshops using Chakrubs and the connection to self. We are looking forward to seeing your lights in our future programs and bringing more love into the world.

Tourma Selene

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