Introducing: Chakrub.Eu, It’s Creator, and Her Review of the Chakrub Heart

It is with great joy I write this post. Last year I received an email asking if Chakrubs had any resellers in Europe by someone I felt immediately connected to – even just through email. After many exchanges and hard work, she has just launched her website for I am proud and inspired by all that she has done to bring Chakrubs to her country, and hope readers will go visit her gorgeous site and give her a warm welcome on her Facebook,

Below is her review of The Heart – the rose quartz Chakrub in our line.

Welcome, Jesika, many blessings of love & gratitude!




review of THE HEART chakrub by Jesika, autumn 2014

jesika the heart chakrub 2

It was autumn/winter 2013, when I found chakrubs on the internet. I immediately understood for which concept of self-erotica chakrubs stand for, and I´ve totally fallen in love with them – without these two things, I would never contact Vanessa with a cooperation offer, which I did in summer 2014. Anyway, it took almost one year for me to get a chance to get my first chakrub from the moment I discovered these toys.

Unpacking the first wholesale package full of crystal sex wands was extremely exciting because I knew that somewhere in the box there was also my new companion. I recognized him at the first touch. He still was in bubbles, so I didn´t even know if that one was rose, but I was completely sure it was him. When I unwrapped him and was able to see him in all his beauty, I probably felt like a woman who sees her newborn for the first time – silent wonderment, humility And of course, an immediate connection about which one knows that it has been existing since forever, and forever.

I couldn´t wait to get him and finally try him! Thanks to my senses and previous experiences with stones, I knew exactly what chakrubs can do, but a personal experience is a personal experience. And also: few days before I received him, I was dealing with unpleasant fevers within my twin flame process, mostly caused by my temporary inability to accept the fact that time for the final reunion of me and my TF hadn´t come yet (which also means periods of zero contact on a human level), and at those moments, I knew that nothing else could help me to move on in my process – meditations as well as my “private meta-tantric games“ were unsuccessful, and to contact my Man on a human level was simply impossible. Anyway, I set myself in the mood of no expectations, because having expectations is one of the worst things you can do, ever! I cleaned my chakrub on energy level using hematite stones and pure water >> we were able to officially begin our relationship.

I felt so safe when he was listening to my feelings, and was so grateful that he hasn´t stopped respect me after I shared my concrete fears with him. It took him some time to get the right temperature / it took me some time to become relaxed and forget about all those fever moods, but I knew we had all the time. When I put him on my heart chakra, all I thought that could happen has happened– he hugged me with his light and put me in extremely secure zone. Later, when I connected him to my solar chakra (which has been, on a physical level, my most sensitive chakra since I´m alive), he got all the information. Within that, ”a copy of my TF´s heart“ or ”a space with my TF´s heart energy“ I have inside my body woke up, in a very strong way – I was so amazed! Before, I sent a telepathic message to my Man which said: ”If you want to join us and witness our session, you can“, and from that time I knew he was there (no matter whether his conscious mind knew or not). Then I held chakrub above my lower chakras which caused an extreme physical awakening of my womb and cervix, so I felt even more amazed.

When it comes to vaginal use, we didn´t get good results during the first 30mins. My cervix remained closed (persisting spiritual, mental and physical traumas of my cervix+womb /even after countless whole-being transformations/ were the main reasons I ordered chakrub for myself), and what´s more – the top of the chakrub got so hot that it was causing me an awful pain in the middle of my Yoni during the penetration. This scared me a lot, and for few minutes my mind saw the only thought: ”There is no help for me, I´m lost.“ But – the chakrub was speaking to me in such a great way, also the ”presence“ of my honey helped a lot, so I didn´t give up. Pain-causing hotness dissapeared, but I still wasn´t able to open myself enough, and I even didn´t feel any sexual vibes from myself. It was very frustrating because normally I´m a very sexual & sensitive person (even with closed cervix). The result – poor orgasm and something as ”dissatisfaction“,..not about chakrub, not about myself, but about the whole situation. I didn´t feel like giving up so I was trying to relax and was waiting for some ”new impulses“. Within those moments, chakrub´s words were so calming, and absolutely honest – it was an extreme help! Then I naturally begun new attempts, and it was so much different – calmer yet braver, and all felt so nice. In approx. 1hour, a magic happened – my cervix opened itself and chakrub gently entered into another space of my Yoni. At that moment, I didn´t feel any sexual pleasure, any vibes. BUT what I felt was an extreme relief! I experienced something which I would describe as ”to open a padlock with a key“ – I couldn´t hear any ”click“, but I FELT it inside myself. I felt an extremely silent&peaceful joy, and then my eyes welled up with tears, tears of happiness. Before, when I experienced crying after an orgasm (not often), it was always about a huge soul-pain. This was an absolute opposite. I wasn´t dissatisfied from ”zero orgasm“. I knew that orgasm was not the intention of our session, it was not important – to finally open myself was important, and that has happened. I left chakrub inside my Yoni for a while,..his energy, ”state of mind“ and words were so divine that a human language would never ever be able to describe it (!). Later, I put him on my heart chakra, where he stayed for few minutes – those moments were sacred to the Earth´s core and to the farthest point of the Universe. After that, he made absolutely divine and extremely important speech within which he gave me some major advice for my Path,..and that was ”the end“. I washed him with water and natural rose soap (with which he obviously has fallen in love) and put him to his temporary ”bed“. Later, I checked myself in a mirror, and I was really amazed – I looked even more beautiful than after mind-blowing climaxes – and remember: in fact, I had no orgasm with my chakrub! Based on that, one thought came to my mind: ”Even if chakrubs cost thousands and even if they were only for one use they would absolutely be worth it!“ because these meta-erotic toys bring you exactly what you need, no matter what it is.

jesika the heart chakrub 1

Within the next few weeks, the chakrub showed me the other parts of his personality and shared more of the knowledge he has. Each of our session is unique and always brings something new – from the new ways of a physical pleasure to the new ways how to heal myself on mental/spiritual level. Since we both are unlimited in our essences, I wonder what all we will experience together… Anyway, one thing is for sure – it will always be a manifestation of our own, natural divinity

THANK YOU, Universe. THANK YOU, Mother Earth. THANK YOU, Vanessa. THANK YOU, chakrub. THANK YOU, my chosen One. THANK myself

~ Jesika,