From a Man Apart of Goddess Culture

by chakrubs


Below is an email I received from Victor, a man who is a part of Goddess Culture. This is his perspective.

Hello Vanessa,

I wanted to take the time to write to you about my thoughts and feelings about Chakrubs and the whole Goddess Culture Movement from the perspective of a male human being. I first was “introduced” to you through your Panic To Freedom interview on Spirit Science and was very moved by the way you expressed your passion for female empowerment, it really resonated with me.
And then I thought, “why does this resonate with me so well?” (Me being a straight male and all.)
Well, the answer was simple, female empowerment is male empowerment is life empowerment is world empowerment.

I am moved to see women accessing and realizing their goddess being-ness because I know how oppressive a struggle it can be growing up feeling like you inherently have something to be ashamed of, or that your experiences are the exact definition of you, that you can never escape them, that what the world thinks of you is how you must see yourself, and that your self-worth is determined by the validation that others give to you (relationships, jobs, etc.)

It’s all very connected, the way we as a species interact with this world and especially each other and so, as a sensitive (yet masculine!) male, I just really wanted to say that I am in full support of your cause, the people behind it, and the many women around the world who will undoubtedly find that extra special magic that makes each one them very special Goddess creatures indeed!

Victor V.

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