“I Love Myself” Hibiscus Goddess Bath

Recently, Chakrubs was featured on a new website called The Hoodwitch. The creator of this website and I had a magical bond, and soon after her interview of me was published (view interview here), I asked her if she would share her insights with the Chakrub community. She accepted! Here’s what she said:

I am so honored to be writing for Chakrubs.com I hope to share just the right amount of magic to the blog. I will be sharing tips, spells, and rituals that have been read or passed down to me through my family. Hope you Enjoy! (all spells can be incorporated with the use of chakrubs) so as I stated below. 

Here is her first article for us.

“I Love Myself” Hibiscus Goddess Bath

Love magick includes spells to find a love, preserve a loving relationship,improve love, or get ones love back when he or she has strayed. Whatever the case may be there is nothing more important than self-love. Without first establishing self-love in ourselves every other relationship can feel quite meaningless, painful, and may not be serving our highest good. Establishing a loving connection to self allows us to have the capacity to drawn in and attract the purest form of love that we deserve. Remember, love magick should come from a place of love, not domination or manipulation. You are working with energy in it’s rawest form, and you cannot trick the universe. Think about why you want to practice love magick, and how casting a spell will benefit the highest good for both parties involved. You cannot evoke true, healthy love from another unless you know (not believe,know) that you are deserving and worthy. The best love rituals fill you with love, confidence, and respect for yourself. Imagine, all of that while also beckoning another.

Here is one of my favorite Goddess love magick ritual baths. This bath gives the affirmation that you are deserving of the effort (this bath takes some time) but the time consuming nature of this love bath is the essence and most vital part of the ritual. This bath is beneficial for those who have loved and lost, and also for those who may feel battered, humiliated, emotionally, physically, or sexually. I feel that this bath is excellent for the moments where you’re feeling the need to be transformed into a Goddess prior to performing any other romantic spell.

“I Love Myself” hibiscus goddess bath

Dried red hibiscus flowers

dried red raspberry leaves

dried rose hips

rose quartz and sea shells

5 candles: blue, brown, pink, white, yellow.

handful of sea salt

1teaspoon of pure almond extract

assorted whole white blossoms: jasmine or rose

Red hibiscus flower essence (Green hope)

1 drop essential oil of peppermint

4 drops of either sweet orange, neroili, petitigrain essential oil

This spell requires the use for lots of ingredients, however it is essential to have the hibiscus flowers, they cannot be left out as they are the most crucial component. You do not need to live on a tropical island for hibiscus flowers, you can gather them from a garden, but these flowers are also available via web. Red hibiscus tea bags are also popular. You can create an infusion using the bags as you’ll need to achieve the desired color. otherwise, don’t let the lack of a single product prevent you from accessing this magick. Subsitute, omit, and improve as your own intuition tells you.

Step 1:

make two separate infusions: one from the hibiscus alone,the other from the combined raspberry leaves, rose petals, and rose hips. quantities are dependent upon the color you’d like to achieve. Red hibiscuswill tint your water to match. The more flowers the stronger the infusion, the deeper and brighter of the color. You can tint your water from pale pink, to deep crimson. Whatever appeals to you, just be aware that the infusion is further diluted once its added to the tub, so the initial color must be deeper than what you ultimately desire.

2. The second infusion contains 1/2 as much water and material as the hibiscus infusion. use equal parts of the three herbs.

3. When the infusions are complete, strain and mix them together take the opportunity to adjust the color as needed.
4.Draw a bath of warm water, place rose quartz and seashells around the bathtub.

5.This spell calls for 5 candles in honor of Oshun, who heals and opens the heart chakra. Each color relates to and heals a different aspect. (coconut scented candles are extra-beneficial) arrange them around the room. light the candles, and turn off all other lights upon entering the tub.

6. Add infused waters, along with the handful of salt and salt and almond extract. swirl the water to distribute.

7. Float the white petals in the water, and enter. this is when you add the essential oils, and flower essence once you’re seated comfortably.

8. Breathe the beautiful aroma deeply and envision yourself as a beautiful water spirit in your enchanted grotto. Luxuriate as long as you would like. There is little to say, but affirmations of beauty, self love, and other empowering visualizations are wonder. This bath can be your private ritual, or if you’re ready this can be shared with another.
Rose Quartz: Rose quartz has the ability to heal heartache and/or abuse and will help to prepare you to accept new love.