Love is the punishment. Love is the reward.

by chakrubs


Love is the lesson. Love is the teacher. Love is the student. Love is the punishment. Love is the reward.

I wish to be around those who agree. I wish to say, “I am a student of love, are you?” And you will answer, “yes, I am. Let us practice together.”

The only way for people like us to stay together forever for now is to understand in ourselves we are infinite, and honor that infinity. And for our beloved to understand the same. We must recognize it in our beloved. They have infinite depth as we do, they are perfect, they are a work in progress.So are we.

There is a difference between stagnancy and settling down. Between chaos and spontaneity. There is beauty in sacrifice, there is beauty in freedom.

Your story has not been told before. Do not try and retell someone else’s fortune through your life – it will not work no matter how hard you try. The only thing that is unique about you is your perception. Hone it. Own it. Understand it’s value.

We are living until everything is created. Life moves in a Fibonacci sequence until it reaches that perfect number that we cannot perceive in this life. We will never reach it, but we continue to try. And it’s getting better and better all the time.

Everything John Lennon has said about love is true. And yet so many hate on his expressions of love.

The information is available to all of us. Take it in and find something new. If love is what you seek, be at peace. It is you.