The Sacral Chakrub: Cultivate the lust!

by chakrubs

Po_mes_en_prose_The_Erotic_Art_of_George_Barbier_Vanessa’s Sacral Chakrub is a “must have” for creating the ultimate, all-day lustful experience.

Lust is an emotion that stays with us only for a certain period of time. Some are more lust minded than others but we all have that “dirty feeling” that we love, hope it last, but quickly vanishes after orgasm. Lust is a very female emotion. But once it subsides, the male logic side many times takes over and the “dirty feeling” we could not get enough of can turn into feelings of inadequateness instead of true emancipated celebrations.

The Sacral Chakrub was especially created for the area we spend most our day thinking about – our G-spot. We love rubbing, stroking, licking, and penetrating it, but many times the lusty feeling subsides and we move on doing the menial affairs of life.

The heat that is begun as we penetrate with the Sacral Chakrub cultivates the spirit of lust deep in our bodies for longer periods of time because of its organic nature. Heat, natural, organic heat is the key here. Latex doesn’t provide the sustaining beauty of heat like crystals. The Kundalini serpent responds quicker and more effectively with Heat. Once the Sacral Chakrub is in the body for thirty minutes to an hour, the heat from your inner most areas is incredible!

We can agree, I believe, the world needs less logic and more true emotion/feeling about ourselves. It is now time to move into pure emotion and feelings. During your intimate moments penetrate your area(s) with the Sacral Chakrub. Close your eyes, feel the connectedness with the Earth. Experience the lust building deep from within. Feel the heat coming from your private parts awakening the Kundalini serpent. The serpent loves heat, lots of it. It moves through your body much quicker when it’s hot, and also when your hot. At this moment, “go dirty.” Celebrate your passion, your openness, your lust. Erase all thoughts of logic, i.e. what will he/she think, I feel dirty when I do this, I want more, with him – her – them, and I don’t want to stop after one orgasm, I want more, and more.  Feel the Sacral Chakrub lying on your swollen G-spot. Talk to it, tell it to move you in magical, never-before experiences. With your inner vision, let your Chakrub family watch you celebrate your lustiness in all your fullness.

After you have experienced the fullness of the moment, let your Sacral Chakra lie on your heart (chakra) and let it caress you with its heat and its deep desire to move you to similar experiences  more often.

The Sacral Chakrub: Cultivate the lust!

Guest Post written by K.B.

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