The Only Sex Toy(s) I’ll Ever Use, & a Chance to Have One of Your Own!

by chakrubs

me, blissed out with my rose quartz Chakrub.


Here is a link to part-two of the two part article written by the beautifully articulate, sensual and gracious Ev’Yan, the author of the blog SexLoveLiberation.

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Here are some highlights:

“I’d always been turned off by the idea of inserting a foreign, plastic, chemically-filled device in my body; even more so when I was reminded that the vagina absorbs anything & everything that’s put into it.

Chakrubs can help to. . .

  • sensitize you so that you feel tingles from even the slightest sensual touch
  • create harmony in mind, body, & spirit
  • reduce stress
  • create deeper intimacy between you & your partner
  • encourage self-awareness & mindfulness

The kind of sexplay I have with myChakrub rivals the love I make with my partner: it’s spiritual, intentional, wholly sensual.”

Here is the link again for the full article. Enjoy!

The Only Sex Toy(s) I’ll Ever Use, & a Chance to Have One of Your Own!