A Letter to the Delicate

by chakrubs


Dear Sweet One,

It is okay. It is all right to feel the way you do. Your life has been hard for you, yes, wonderful also, but let’s not downplay the difficulties you’ve been through. Don’t worry, dear one, I know how concerned you are of others, because of your sensitivity, you are so aware of the hardships of those around you. And these hardships seem more concrete then yours, and you have been invalidating yourself, your worries, your dis-eases, for too long. I’ll never forget being in California in an acting class. The teacher had me sit in front of everyone, I was having trouble crying in a scene. He came up to the stage, whispered in my ear, “It is OK to feel sorry for yourself.”

We are being taught to be grateful for what we have, to focus on the positive things in our lives, and that is very helpful. But, child, you are delicate. We all are. And even if your hard-ships aren’t concrete, you have faced so much in your life. And you are doing such a good job at handling them. Take time to remember these things that have affected you – these socially awkward moments of your childhood, these harsh revelations of your teenage years, the bad dreams, the bitter truths coming out during an argument with someone you love.

You have been able to swallow these happenings and keep them with you, and say how they’ve made you a better person, and that is so good. We are delicate, our minds are delicate, we are able to be affected by each other. We are able to be affected by knowing we’ve affected – ones we’ve loved but couldn’t be with, ones we’ve took anger out on, ones we’ve for some reason put down with our words. We carry so much, and you are so strong for dealing with these feelings with the grace you have.

I know when you can, you make people smile. I know the little things you do can go unnoticed – but they are so important. You are doing a good job. The little things do matter. If there is a troubled memory of your past, no matter how small, sit with it. Relive it. Ask it to tell you how it was meant to assist you. Once you come to a conclusion, you are free. You are free to unlock other things. Release what you need to.

It is your time to discover yourself. To hold yourself dearly and clearly state that your feelings are valid. To understand what you’ve been through and why. You are the most interesting person you know.

I know you. I know you are sweet. I know you are kind. I know you don’t feel you’ve always acted in this way. But it is who you are and you are doing great work.

Dear Sweet One. You have gone through so much. It is okay to feel sorry for yourself.

We are all delicate. And you have been affected by many things for that reason.

Go on now and give yourself the credit you deserve.


With great love.