A Gift for My Beloved


Below is an article written by a customer who bought a Chakrub for his girlfriend, now turned fiancé. For those out there wondering how by gifting your lover a Chakrub can strengthen a relationship, read on.

When a dear friend who also happens to be a gorgeous, married lesbian recommends a sex toy for you to buy for your lady – it is always a good idea to listen. Though I must admit that when I first saw the Chakrub, I thought she might have lead me astray. While a beautiful piece of crafted stone, I did not really understand how something that does not vibrate, pulsate or tickle could produce the kind of response I am have come accustom to seeing from my partner in crime. After one night of experimenting, I quickly realized that I could not have been more wrong. This weighty and sultry smooth device has become her go to solo toy in the bedroom and bathroom as well as a welcome addition to our lovemaking. 

 What I truly love about this item is that it has a life force of its own. From the beginning of introducing the Chakrub into our bedroom – we discovered it mirrors our mood and energy. It probes the soul as much as it probes the body. Some nights, this wand controls my arms and other nights I control it… some nights, I am not involved at all and simply have the best seats in the house for a spectacular show. I know that when I am stuck in a hotel room halfway across the country, my wanton desire and love still radiates from this item and therefore, I am still with my lover. 

 My relationship with my fiancée has blossomed over the last two years – strike that, it has burned like wildfire. I never knew how much it would pain me to spend nights without her. The Chakrub allows me to leave of piece of myself behind because it is more than just a sexual toy for stimulation… it is a sensual symbol of our love. Our sex life is a balance producing a wonderful variety of results. Some nights can violently spew forth gravitas and lust while other nights can burn slow like a candle and fill the room with sensual seduction. 

 The Chakrub is also a device of power turning my partner into a sensual goddess. Her ability to connect to this toy during sessions of self worship put her on cloud 9 without that dirty feeling that so often comes with plastic or rubber toys. There is no cheap or sloppy disconnect with the toy or having to pretend it is something else. The Chakrub is simply what it is – a beautiful scepter of pleasure capable of transformation. After a long day of stressful work related problems, my queen can slide into a tub or our satin sheets and release the day’s drama into a session of pampered pleasure. She is a goddess in my eyes and deserves to feel that way twenty-four vhours a day and seven days a week. With the Chakrub, she can connect with how I would be looking at her if I were right in front of her even when we are thousands of miles apart. 

 Distance is a tricky mistress in it’s own right and the Chakrub has helped patch some of the speed bumps in the road of our relationship. Our careers allow us the opportunity to travel the world and experience many cultures. We are professionally blessed and are intelligent enough to be equally self aware and grateful of this fact. This was at least how we felt until we met each other and found something that we love a million times more. Now while we still are passionate about our careers, the travel that we once loved creates a longing void in our day-to-day relationship – and nothing fills a longing void like a proper phallus. This is where the Chakrub comes in… because if you have to leave the one you love, might as well leave them in good hands. 

 With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and my unfortunately freelance schedule taking me on the road for the next 7 weeks – this will sadly be a long embargo from sex for us both. I can think of nothing better than leaving behind a new shimmering Chakrub as a way for us to be close while so far apart. A sexual dynamo in her own right, I know my lovely lady will be pleasuring herself whenever the mood strikes her so why not provide her with extra simulation inspiration. 

 Chakrub will allow my beautiful bride to be the opportunity to please herself like the queen I think she is while still charging her batteries for my inevitable return. I have no doubt that when I arrive home after my trip, I will receive a prolonged ‘welcome home.’ With our intimacy levels soaring through the roof, I know that our careers can still be the second biggest point of pleasure in our extravagant and loving lives. Chakrub’s most impressive power is its ability to crumble distance and time so I never feel truly apart from the woman I love.