You Are Sacred Space


Chakrubs. The Sacred Sex Toy Company.

The intentional practice for self-realization. Sexual awareness. Goddess exploration.

Open your heart, open your mind, open yourself to the divine that lies within you.

Allow the perfect molecular structure of the crystal to rebalance your Chakras, the sanskirt term for the energy wheels we embody, allow your mind to quiet down so you may feel the subtleties of every movement, every sexual spark, every touch of yourself, your lover, your blanket. Take pride in the fact you now have the highest standards of what may enter you. You, you are being entered into. What is your inside like? Your inside is the beginning of creation. We all come from that place. It is your secret, your Mona Lisa smile. Who, and what, may have the priviledge of knowing you? Yes, goddess. It is a priviledge. You are magic, it is all within you. And now that you are willing to unravel, the mystery is unfolding to you. What will bring you to ectasy? What do you need to feel this natural gift we are all given? What do you want to feel? Why do you want to feel? What does it feel like to you? That’s right, you know. Smile, smirk, flirt with yourself. You hold all the answers and you create the questions. What do you need to feel this way? To carry on this underlying magnitude into your everyday life? Do you want to simply get off? Or do you want to remain turned on? Turned on so that you never question your intuition, you know what it feels like to know what you want and how to get it. You feel this every time you are in sexual bliss – comfortable, trusting, sexy, confidant, aroused, present, in love. In love with the moment, in love with the air you’re breathing, in love with the body you were given, in love with all of your choices that have led to this moment, in love with all the eccentricities, all the perversions, all the tastes, the sounds, the sights. You created this moment, you deserve it. You are worthy.

What makes Chakrubs so unique? You do.  You have everything you need to heal your emotional and energetic dis-ease. Chakrubs allows you to explore what you have, with the support of a crystal. Crystals have been used for thousands of years as a tool for overall well-being. Crystals are formed with the earth, and can be old as millenia. They have a measurable frequency, and when paired with your own sexual frequencies, the ability to create balance is extraordinary. What do you need to heal to move forward into a life that suits you? This is your life – your LIFE! Oh my god – what is your God? Whatever it is, that which you call source, you have been created and given the birthright to sensory explorations! The way to show gratitude? Know thyself. Figure something out. Figure out what it takes to be turned on. Turned on in a way that you feel connected to yourself, to your people, to your work, to your purpose, to your body. Unveil. Drop the illusions and dive into your own being. Bring yourself, goddess, to this moment. In this moment you are safe, you are alone with god, that which you call source, proving that you are grateful for the life you have been given. Figure something out for yourself. It doesn’t have to look like anything in particular, except for you. You, your perspective, is the only unique thing. You know what you need to feel happy and you know how to get it.

You see? Everything is a metaphor for everything else. How you do one thing is how you do many things. Your sex is so personal, so do it like you. Let your Chakrub do what you need it to do. Set your intention. Re-sensitize yourself by holding it inside, meditating, and tuning into the sublte vibrations of the crystal. Open your heart chakra by focusing on love and gratitude, cleanse the energies of past lovers and get ready for your soul mate, realize that you are a sacred space. You are divine, you are a Goddess.

With a Forever Kind of Love,

Vanessa Cuccia